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Steps To Become An Online Influencer


Influencer marketing has become a powerful strategy for brands to successfully reach their target audience without being too promotional or too pushy. Because of the need for influencers, it has become a lucrative form of earning money. For this reason, a lot of online users have been working hard to become one.

Online influencers are not just the celebrities on the internet. They promote brands and push advocacies that fall in line with their principles. On top of that, they also have to create engaging content that can cater to all of the their online followers who seek their opinion regarding a particular product or service.

Becoming an influencer entails you to build an audience by doing what you are love and good at. For instance, if you are good at keeping a healthy lifestyle, sharing tips on weight loss and other self-care tips can garner you a large number of followers. The journey is not simple. Luckily, many tips and tutorials are available online. Here are some of the correct ways to become an influencer fast.

Choose Your Industry

Selecting a nice is the very first step you need to take. Though influencers begin posting blog contents they are knowledgeable and passionate about, what can set you apart is that you can focus on a specific industry and apply your expertise or experience on it. To find your corner on the internet, you need to determine what you are good at. As soon as this is identified, begin exploring on other sub-niches that you can potentially tap as well.

Understand Your Audience

Becoming an influencer is lending your talent to the world, at the same time, understanding the needs of your followers. Invest on a considerable amount of time in finding out who your audience is.

If you are successful, it will be easier for you to know what kind of content you should be creating. Read your comments and emails. Create different contents and investigate which ones are the most successful and which ones get the most engagement. If you have enough data, make sure that your future content will be geared towards this.

Be Pro-Choice

Regardless of how many followers you have, do not create a content that will simply put the products and services you are working on a pedestal just so you can comply the requirements of a project agreement. Be pro-choice.

What this means is you do not just point out how great a brand is, you have to publish a content where you can voice out the pros and cons of the product. If you look at the successful influencers today, they are not afraid to tell their followers the pitfalls of the product.

Study SEO

Quality content is very important. However, if you are serious about becoming an influencer, you must also put some importance in learning SEO and other forms of digital marketing. Using these techniques will make you an even better influencer as you have a better understanding on how search engines work. Topics like boosting visibility, traffic, conversion and keyword stuffing are not just essential in blogs, they are also crucial elements in becoming a successful social media influencer.

Spread Different Content

While it is good to publish content on your blog and on your social media sites, you have to ensure that there is one channel where you can exclusively post one content. For example, some influencers use Youtube to produce tutorial videos, while they use Facebook for promotional posts. To give their followers some behind-the-scenes on how their real life is, they document their normal lives using Instagram Stories.

This is how you can use each platform to your advantage. One of the many mistakes of influencers is that they post the same content on all networks. Although doing this still caters to your audience, this is not how you can maximize the channels and the features they provide.

Whether you want to write blogs or you want to become an Instagram influencer, there are a number os strategies that can help you become successful on your endeavor. Just ensure that you follow these tips above. With patience and hardwork, you can make it.

Holy places of Christianity



Its funny how we humans believe that there is a holy place and if we visit that place we will become more holy and all our sins will be washed away. Every religion has a specific place where people go to that place every year to get their sins washed.  We have a good way of pleasing yourself.  We do something wrong, and when we feel guilty about it, we tend to go to a place and believe that if we do certain things, the sins which we committed will be gone and won’t matter. Let me just tell you that no matter what do or where you go,  unless you confess your sins and plead guilty to the lord you will not be forgiven.  To do this, you don’t need to go to any fancy holy place. You can do that wherever you are.


There may be some significant places which may be considered as holy because Jesus Christ and his disciples would have been in that area or preached in that place. But if you are a Christian then you need to understand that you are the temple of God.  Thus you need to keep your heart clean, and no other place is more holy than where you are right now.  Jesus preaches to us that we are the temple of God and only when we keep our hearts clean we can be a true follower of Jesus Christ.

Holy Places

Many people believe that Christianity is a religion, it may be classified as a religion, but it is more of a beautiful relationship with God himself.  You worship him as a God, and at the same time, he can be your best friend. There is nothing you need to be afraid of since he is always by your side.

When God is always on your side why do you have to go in search of God? Unlike many religion where people believe that God is in a holy place and you need to go there to visit him, Christians believe that God is omnipotent. God is everywhere,  he everywhere you go and come.

Previously in the Old Testament days before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, things were very different. God was considered very holy, and no one could enter the holy place without shedding blood to cover their sins. An animal was sacrificed to cover the sins of people. It is believed that only blood can cleanse your sins, so an animal had to be sacrificed for your sins to be cleansed.  But in the New Testament, God himself came to the earth in the form of a man, but without any sin, he took upon all our sins on him and died on the cross for you and me;

We can stand peacefully today and say that we have been cleaned by the blood of Jesus Christ and so we do not have to sacrifice any animals or go to any holy places to get our sins cleansed. Read More


Top 10 Christian Radio Stations


Radio stations are one of the best and most loved means of entertainment, and it has a brilliant capacity to change the minds of people. Many people listen to the radio while driving and radio is one thing that has never gotten old. We all love listening to the radio. It is one of the oldest entertainment systems we have in today’s world. We have got rid of most of the things which we had used in the past but radio is something which we never let go, and we still listen to the radio, and many of us love listening to the radio on a daily basis.  There are many radio hosts, and all of us have our own favorite radio talk host.

Various discussions happen over the radio. Some may be political; some are for the entertainment of the people, some channels cover the local news, while others talk about sports and there are even kids’ channels. There are radio stations that broadcast Christian values and other things related to Christianity.

The following are some of the top Christian radio stations:

  • K love.
  • WFSH 104.7 FM- Atlanta.
  • Air 1 Radio.
  • WSTG 91.9 FM – Washington D.C.


K love:

The K love is a brilliant talk show radio station which has some of the best morning talk shows, and they speak of some of the best inspirational stories which would just make your day better and encourage you to move on in your life. There are also fun events for the family and the station help the smaller ministries get involved with, the larger ministries. The K love station also has a brilliant selection of music, and it is always a joy to listen to such a station.


WFSH 104.7 FM- Atlanta:

The WFSH 104.7 FM- Atlanta hosts a show called as the Happy Meals Hero where the focus is on the younger crowd, and the youngsters are rewarded for their community service and volunteering in various activities.  The WFSH 104.7 FM also broadcasts some good Christian songs.

Air 1 Radio:

The Air 1 Radio station plays a variety of music. The unique thing about the radio station is that they give the listeners a small review about the song they are going to play in the show; this gives the listeners to understand the song better and think about the song while they are listening to the song.  The mission of the Air 1 Radio is “to create compelling media that inspires and encourages you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ.”

WSTG 91.9 FM – Washington D.C:

The WSTG 91.9 FM – Washington D.C is based on Maryland, and they have the drive through a different program where they encourage people to pay for orders which are behind them when they are at a drive-through restaurant. The station has some of the best personalities in their show, and they also have some nice songs that get played on the station.

Crystal Cathedral Files for Bankruptcy Protection


Most of you are very aware of my sentiments about “Brick and Mortar,” churches. For those of you that don’t, though many of them have done many good things over the years, I personally think they can do more harm than good for the Church and in many cases do…Intentionally or not. One of the major problems I see with “Brick and Mortar,” here in the U.S. is the amount of money they have to spend every year on upkeep.